7 Ways With Marmalade

By The Artisan Kitchen, May 30 2015 05:21PM

7 ways with orange marmalade

Here at The Artisan Kitchen, we love marmalade. In fact, we make a grand total of thirteen different flavours.

Marmalade on hot buttered toast or in a sandwich is glorious, but have you ever considered the possibilities of this orange preserve beyond those loved by Paddington?

To help you get creative in the kitchen with our delicious marmalades, we’ve found some of the best recipes on the Internet that make use of the stuff.

Marmalade & Ginger Cake

This bake is good news for our friends with allergies or special dietary requirements, Pippa at

The Intolerant Gourmet has made this glorious cake vegan and gluten free. We think it looks just perfect, whether you’re a vegan, coeliac or omnivore you’re bound to hoover up every last crumb!

Marmalade Cat Cupcake

This Marmalade Cat is just a work of art, isn’t it? It comes to your screen courtesy of 2013 winner of Great British Bake Off, Frances Quinn. We just love the stripes of orange peel, what a creative bake!

Marmalade Pancakes

Karen of Lavender and Lovage is no rookie, she’s one of the top food bloggers in the game and doesn’t mess around when it comes to sweet treats. These marmalade pancakes are bound to be a taste sensation. They’d be perfect with our award winning blood orange & vanilla marmalade.

Marmalade Cookies

Todd and Diane at White on Rice are as good at making their food look beautiful as they are at making it taste wonderful, so there’s no doubt that these marmalade cookies will be a winner. Fresh orange zest as decoration is an inspiration we’ll definitely be taking into our kitchen.

Marmalade Brownies

If you’ve never had a marmalade brownie before, you simply must try this recipe from Gourmet Gannet using our seville orange marmalade. Fans of the chocolate and orange combination will be in heaven.

Marmalade Sausages

We thought it would be rude not to include a savoury option in amongst all these delicious bakes, and this recipe from BBC Good Food really pushes the boat out. Delicious, sticky sweet sausages and potatoes make for a perfect weeknight meal. Cook it up with our seville orange, rosemary and black pepper marmalade

Marmalade Bread & Butter Pudding

Maison Cupcake has taken a classic British comfort food and lifted it to a whole new level - and we certainly approve. Bread and butter pudding would love our award winning sweet orange and passionfruit marmalade.

Stock up on our award winning marmalades now so that you can bring these recipes to life in your own kitchen.

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